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Heal or Repeat: Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma

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Trauma has been able to manifest itself as a weapon of mass destruction in the lives of people, gaining momentum over the years due to more empirical research. Exceptionally layered and multifaceted, trauma has many different components that many of us have or will face throughout the course of our lives. Being Black in America is traumatic within itself due to the constant reminder, ranging from historical events to lived experiences. Those historical and contemporary events of Racism are connected and produce trauma responses that we, as the collective Black Community in America, should acknowledge, validate and work to heal from. Heal or Repeat: Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma, aims to dissect Intergenerational Trauma specifically and exactly how those events of Racism are connected, from a mental health lens, as well as ways to begin the healing process. If you’re stuck wondering why certain patterns exist within your family or even the Black Community, then this is the book for you to break the cycle.

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